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PACAF Project Management Office Support

BB&E provides comprehensive assistance and advisory services (A&AS) support for the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Building Repair Project Management Office (PMO) that was established to spearhead the repair of the Headquarters of the Pacific Air Force. Our personnel provide support for programming and planning project phases as well as the execution of design, construction, communication, furniture and unit move contracts.

Building 1102 (B1102) is an approximately 555,000 square-foot, 3-story reinforced concrete structure comprised of 14-wings. Originally constructed as barracks, it was damaged in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. It is now registered as a National Historic Landmark and many of the key defining features from the original construction and attack remain as testament to the sacrifice made in defense of our nation.

B1102 was converted to an administrative facility over time beginning in 1950.  However, the work was completed as needs arose, without a comprehensive plan.  This resulted in a disjointed network of infrastructure that did not adequately serve the entire facility.  In addition, the repeated conversions led to an inappropriate use of space and created a maze-like network of halls and corridors that made it difficult to navigate the facility, violating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Life Safety code requirements.  Much of the existing infrastructure and finishes dated to the original construction and subsequent early conversions and was swiftly deteriorating. This resulted in higher energy consumption and potential for exposure to hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead-based paint, and arsenic.

As an administrative facility, it can house 2,000 plus personnel and is home to HQ PACAF and numerous tenant organizations.  The facility contains mission critical communications and command and control facilities supporting the Air Force mission in the Pacific Theater.

The repair of B1102 is a $123M multi-phase project that seeks to correct life safety and ADA code violations and deficiencies, abate hazardous material (HAZMAT), improve energy efficiency, modernize deteriorating mechanical, electrical, plumbing and communications infrastructure, as well as, provide an open reconfigurable floor plan to meet evolving mission requirements of PACAF and numerous tenant units, within this registered National Historic Landmark.

BB&E personnel directly advise the client on the technical aspects of the design and construction; complete space evaluations assisting in the reorganization of the units within B1102; assist in the development of the overall phasing plan and master integrated schedule; complete and review scope of work (SOW) and independent government cost estimates (IGCE) for the repair and ancillary contracts and any modifications to those contracts; perform technical evaluations of contractor proposals, pricing and design documents; address contractor requests for information (RFI) and design clarification and verification requests (DCVR); ensure user organizations requirements for space, security, and communications are addressed; facilitate design walkthroughs and meetings; and develop and review meeting minutes for accuracy.